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Preventing and Rectifying the Severe Sin of Wasting Seed

There are three things that are called an ‘Os’, a sign that a person is Jewish. These are Shabbos, Tiffilin and Shmiras Habris. While there are many publications and organizations that promote the observance of Shabbos and the use of Teffilin, the topic of Shmiras Habris is almost completely ignored.

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According to the Kabbalah, Shmiras Habris is the most important of the three. In addition any person that is Shomer Habris properly is constantly dressed by a spirit of holiness and is easily able to observe the other commandments in the Torah.

Since this is a very uncomfortable topic and most people do not know where to find information on this, we put up a site discussing many of the various elements of Shmiras Habris.

Tzadik Yesod Olam - Rebbe Nachman of Breslov on Shmiras Habris

Likutay Tefilos for Shmiras Habris

Writings on Tikkun Habris
Preventing and Rectifying the Severe Sin of Wasting Seed

Tikkun Habris - Severity of the Sin of Spilling Seed, ways to stop and how to rectify the damage.

Advice how to be Shomer Habris - A number of tips and useful advice on how to be Shomer habris.

Even Yeshivish People have to go to the Mikvah - Some people are a little narrow minded so they should read this.

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Torah on Shmiras Habris
Halachic Sources and Technical articles on Shmiras Habris

The Sin of Wasting Seed - As brought down in Halacha and the various Sefarim.

The Power of the Mikvah - from Rebbe Aharon Ruteh in Sefer Taharas Hakodesh

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev on Shmiras Habris - Various quotes from Likutay Maharan

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Tikkunim for Shmiras Habris
Methods Revealed in the Teachings of the Kabbalah to Rectify the Damage

Secondary options for a Mikvah - For the worst case scenario when a person cant make it to the Mikvah that day.

The Tikunim of the ARI - Not meant for most people but if you think you can then go for it.

Hillulas of the Tzadikim - List of all the days on the Hebrew calendar that are powerful times to do tikkunim.

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The Tikkun Haklali
Powerful Rectification Revealed by the Holy Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Tikkun Klali text Hebrew English

Introduction to the Tikkun Haklali - (Hebrew PDF) Also has a number of tips on how to guard the mind from impure thoughts.

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Shmiras Habris Media

Flash Clip about Internet - Humorous but true.

Audio Clips on Shmiras Habris - A number of short clips based on teachings of Rebbe Nachman.

Leshem Yichud to Recite Before Watching A Movie - Watching a Movie, do it right, with all the Kavanot.

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